Expansion of Creative Opportunities in Salt Lake City’s Guadalupe Neighborhood

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Expansion of Creative Opportunities in Salt Lake City’s Guadalupe Neighborhood

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah, October 23, 2017—Utah nonprofit, Craft Lake City®, is partnering with Giv Group to promote the newest living opportunity available to Utah artisans through Giv Group’s recent development, Project Open. Project Open is a new development that contains affordable housing opportunities as well as a residential initiative to diversify and extend artistic affluence to the west neighborhoods of Salt Lake City through artisan residents and artist studios.

A rendering of the outside facade of the newly developed Project Open space located in Salt Lake City's Guadalupe neighborhood with move-in dates beginning January 1, 2018.
A rendering of the outside facade of the newly developed Project Open space located in Salt Lake City’s Guadalupe neighborhood with move-in dates beginning January 1, 2018.

Project Open apartments, located at 355 North 500 West, are defined as an “iterative case study that looks to research and share examples of how to foster creative, healthy, and lasting communities along the Wasatch Front.” The space, which is 100% solar powered and in ⅓ mile proximity to both Frontrunner and Trax, is being built into Salt Lake’s Guadalupe Neighborhood, and will entirely feature a range of single bedroom, pet-friendly apartments to rent. Project Open is a unique opportunity that comes with a surplus of benefits and amenities in addition to a qualifiable cost-effective monthly rental:

Project Open resident amenities include:

  • A historic community clubhouse

  • Fully-equipped gym

  • Communal sunset decks

  • Community gardens

  • Rapid EV (Electric Vehicle) charging station

  • Bicycle repair stations

  • Secure parking

  • 14 leasable artist studios (must be a resident of Project One apartments in order to lease)

Apartment units are also built and equipped with:

  • Expansive windows

  • Ample closet and storage space

  • An oversized tub

  • Granite and quartz countertops

  • Stainless steel appliances

  • A washer and dryer

  • Nest temperature control unit

Project Open is a beneficial and economical living opportunity especially for those who are still gaining their creative footing, and one that Craft Lake City is excited to share among the artistic community. With shared principles in fostering enduring creative communities as well as Craft Lake City’s well-established associations with artists and artisans in Utah, the collaboration between Craft Lake City and Giv Group is a natural partnership to progress these goals within Salt Lake. Both Craft Lake City and the Giv Group share a mutual devotion in elevating and expanding the Utah communities through cultural reach and creative power, which includes finding ways of accommodating and supporting creators outside of visual artistic appreciation.

“We’re interested in places that make it easy for people to live healthier, more creative, and ultimately more fulfilled lives,” says Chris Parker, Executive Director of Giv Group, “Project Open looks to crowdsource ideas on how to [accomplish the ideas] better and then progressively build and share the results.”

In addition to the apartment benefits, centralized location, pet friendly accommodations and affordable living spaces, Project Open contains a few more one-of-a-kind conveniences—14 artist studios for rent above the historic clubhouse. Craft Lake City will work with Giv Group to envision and curate Project Open’s studio space community and will be releasing a separate application process with parameters and guidelines for these studio spaces. In order to apply for the studio space you must be a placed tenant within one of Project Open’s apartments.

Move-in dates for Project Open begin as early as January 1, 2018, and interested future residents of Project Open are able to pick up an application or contact the Project Open leasing office at (801) 916-5148, between Monday thru Friday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., or by email at projectopen@emg-apts.com. All questions and requests for more information on living at Project Open can also be answered by their leasing office.

About Craft Lake City:
Founded in 2009 by Angela H. Brown, Executive Editor of SLUG (Salt Lake UnderGround) Magazine, Craft Lake City® is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization with the mission to educate, promote and inspire local artisans while elevating the creative culture of the Utah arts community through science, technology and art. Craft Lake City strives to further define the term “Craft,” by modernizing the definition for handmade creativity.
CraftLakeCity.com  facebook.com/craftlake/  @craftlakecity

About Giv Group:
Giv Development lives to create sustainable, lasting, and innovative structures that reside well in their place. Every project we undertake serves as a testing ground for the company, and often the area, in new and emerging community design and building techniques. The company maintains at least a 1:1 ratio of community-benefit vs. traditional development projects and serves as a primary funding source for its sister non-profit, Giv Communities.
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