Executive Board

Angela H. Brown

Angela H. Brown is the Executive Director and founder of Craft Lake City, a 501-(c)3 nonprofit charitable organization. Craft Lake City’s mission is to elevate Utah’s creative culture through science, technology and art. The organization does this through educational programming, such as monthly workshops, program and exhibition curation and by hosting The Annual Craft Lake City DIY® (Do-It-Yourself) Festival®, a three-day handmade faire inspired by Utah’s own rich crafting history and cultural background. The Annual Craft Lake City DIY Festival spans three days and includes over 250 artisans, a STEM (Science Technology, Engineering, Math) building, workshops, local performers and more. The annual event attracts more than 20,000 attendees. In her spare time, Brown loves to print silver gelatin images in her photographic darkroom, run outdoors and volunteer for various local committees and advisory boards. Brown is the current Chair of the SLC Corporation Business Advisory Board for the City Council and Mayor. In 2018, Brown was honored as a Distinguished Alum from the Salt Lake Community College. In 2019, Brown was honored by Utah Business Magazine as one of 30 “Women To Watch.”

Barton Moody

Barton Moody is a tax accountant and has lived in Salt Lake City for most of his life. Barton’s basis in accounting came from working for a decade as a film designer, managing budgets and effectively providing the impossible at little cost. As a non profits volunteer, he is treasurer at Craft Lake City and has volunteered with several local organizations in fundraising, board support and tax matters. He enjoys getting lost in travel, hoarding small things and collecting outsider art.

Brandy Oliver

Brandy Oliver spends her days working with students and encourages them to pursue their creative dreams and make lifelong plans. In her free time, Brandy Oliver enjoys travel especially when it pertains to visiting craft festivals, farmers markets, and craft markets across Utah and the United States. She loves meeting people and talking to them about their craft.

John Carlisle

When he’s not zip-tying banners to DIY Fest fences, Craft Lake City
Board Chair John Carlisle teaches journalism, yearbook, and
photography at Granger High School. He’s also a UBI-certified bike
mechanic and a ULC-ordained wedding officiant. In his spare time, he
sews for his secret brand, Blacktag Bags. He also shoots for a local
punk rock ‘zine almost every month, and his photos are attributed to
his T9 pseudonym.

Advisory Board

Chad Dorton

Chad encountered his first computer at age 6, and has been hooked ever since. His love for all things computing has translated into a passion for making technology accessible to people of all ages. Over his 20 year IT career, Chad has developed predictive analytics for discovering cancer drugs, wrangled databases for the Sundance Film Festival, and designed computer networks for Salt Lake’s award winning Library. Currently, Chad is a Staff Service Reliability Engineer at Proofpoint. Chad has a BS in Computer Science and an MBA from Westminster College. He also makes pretty good beer.

Jessica Thesing

Jessica Thesing owns Mean Mugs Pottery Co. a local artisan manufacturing company that specializes in handmade mugs. Originally from Minnesota, she moved to Utah in 2011 to continue a career in Economic Development for Salt Lake City Corporation. Prior to moving to Salt Lake City, she spent 10 years working in Minneapolis as an Urban Planner and as a consultant on neighborhood and business district development initiatives. Jessica is an arts enthusiast through and through and loves dreaming about a world where arts and high quality goods are supported and incorporated into our everyday purchases. Jessica loves spending time with her husband and daughter, doing just about everything outdoors, and traveling to far away places.

Julie Bjornstad

After growing up on the Gulf Coast of Florida and slowly making her way up the East Coast, Julie moved to Salt Lake in 2008 and has been in love with the area ever since. When she’s not distracted by the Uinta Mountains or the call of the desert, she spends as much time as she can quilting, sewing, and knitting. Julie is a transportation planner, working to improve the road, transit, bicycle, and pedestrian networks throughout the Wasatch Front. She received her BS from the Georgia Institute of Technology and her Master of City and Regional Planning from the University of North Carolina.

Nick Hoffmann

Nick Hoffmann grew up in North Carolina and spent years working in science education for the University of North Carolina. After moving to Salt Lake City in 2015, Craft Lake City’s annual DIY Festival became his favorite summer fest. Nick currently works for Clark Planetarium and enjoys splitting his time between Salt Lake City and Utah’s outdoors.

Liz Clarke

As a girl, Liz Clarke-Jone’s crafting interests began with her Barbie’s clothes and wooden dollhouse. She repainted and wallpapered that dollhouse several times over, frequently updating the tiny decor. She also thought all girls played with Barbies like she did, by sewing and designing them new wardrobes. Liz still maintains an interest in fashion and home design; both areas that later became part of her career. Liz has spent the last 20 years in retail management in the fields of fashion, music, and home decor. Since 2012, she has been the General Manager of West Elm, a modern furniture store that believes in promoting local artists and making a positive impact in the community. Liz has a background in Fine Arts, a BS in Political Science from the U of U, and obtained a Master’s Degree in Public Administration from the U of U with an emphasis in Nonprofit Management. Liz is a marathon runner, an avid gardener, and frequent traveler. And, of course, is a long-time supporter of, and volunteer for Craft Lake City.

Pamela Martinson Olson

Pamela M. Olson is a professional florist, floral educator and freelance writer. Owner of Native Flower Company, she was a founder of TriFecTa Design, Inc. and has worked in the floral industry for more than 30 years. One of the little known skills of a florist is the ability to innovate, design and create on the fly – building something from nothing and to, in the words of Tim Gunn, “Make it Work!” These are the skills Olson admires in those who bring their talents and products to Craft Lake City.

Sheridan Mordue

Sheridan is owner of Hip & Humble, a women’s lifestyle boutique. She began over 20 years ago shortly after graduating from the University of Utah. Within her different locations, she is known for carrying a fun and color driven collection of gifts, clothing, and home accessories.

Through many successful years of business, she has become passionate about the economic impact of local independent businesses. You can find her engaged in many city and state-wide organizations supporting, guiding and lobbying for small business.

Sheridan also owns several properties in downtown Salt Lake City and its suburbs which she leases to other likeminded local business owners.

When not at the shops Sheridan enjoys her free time mountain biking and hiking with her husband and hauling her five children on her quest for viewing remote Native American archeological treasures.

Bill Harty

Bill is a lead data architect at the University of Utah, driving research and operations in the areas of biosurveillance, antimicrobial stewardship and infection control at the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs healthcare system. Prior to his current position, he helped launch a market leading medical software company. Bill’s art background is somewhat limited, primarily consisting of 4 or 5 nights at Paint Mixer where his simple acrylics get incrementally better with each sip of wine. Like most Utahns, Bill also enjoys skiing, biking, camping, the outdoors, travel and taking his dog for hikes.

Becca Taylor

Becca Taylor is a professional in the fashion industry and founded woman’s apparel lines Lilac Clothing, Tummy Trimmer Denim and Expected by Lilac. Her leadership and experience are extensive in design, product development, business & consumer experience, branding and manufacturing. She currently serves as Senior VP of Wholesale for Roolee Clothing.

Becca is a patent holder and has been successful in securing contracts with such retailers as Nordstrom, Target, Costco, Ann Taylor, Sears, Amazon.com, and many others. She has been recognized by Utah Business Magazine as one of “30 Women to Watch” for her strong work ethic and wide array of business and creative talents.

In her spare time Becca can be found traveling the world or spending time hiking, biking, or skiing in her native backyard mountains.

Brittany Golden

On a whim in 2002, Brittany Golden signed up for a jewelry class at the local college while studying the art of creating teeth. It was here she became fascinated with the metal casting process, her real life calling was born—jewelry making.
Starting in 2004, Brittany served as the Resident Silversmith Instructor at Sundance Resort in Provo, Utah. During her nine years at Sundance, she also operated her own private studio. In 2013, Brittany moved her love of silversmithing and teaching to the heart of Sugar House in Salt Lake City, Utah. Since then, B Golden Jewelry School has offered a full range of classes that explore techniques and mediums in the world of metalsmithing—including an extensive 6-month Jewelry Business Certification Program. Over the years, she has become a celebrated artist locally and internationally.
Her jewelry appears in the book “30 Minute Rings” and has also been the featured artist in several exhibits within Utah. She is a member of the Society of North American Goldsmiths, MJSA, Advisory Board Member for Craft Lake City, and President of the Women’s Jewelry Association Salt Lake Chapter.

Alan Peck

Alan Peck was born a maker and has spent his private and professional life pursuing the “Elegant Solution” to solving problems large and small. Living on both coasts as well as Utah has given him great experiences, inspiration, and exposure to wonderful people and ideas. Over the last several years he has narrowed his personal creative focus to oil painting, large format film photography, and turning wooden bowls. Alan has exhibited at the Craft Lake City DIY Festival for the past 7 years and considers it his favorite festival of the year. Professionally, Alan enjoys working for Adobe as an Art Director.

Jaqueline Nealon

Jacqueline is the owner of local vintage clothing shop Copperhive Vintage. She has participated as an artisan in the DIY Festival for many years, and is excited to bring her experience to the board. When she’s not at the shop, you can find Jacqueline advocating for body positivity and fat positive spaces.

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